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Symfony 3: Doctrine is not creating my database correctly!

Tags: Symfony and Doctrine

Published: 30 Apr 2016

This weekend I ran into a problem which took me way too long to fix. I was missing a mapped column in my database. Unfortunately Doctrine didn’t want to update my schema according to the entities, even though all the annotations were present. After using the Google search without success I was about to check-in on IRC when I noticed the problem.

How I optimized my website's performance

Tags: webdev and optimization

Published: 18 Feb 2016

Just recently my mobile data connection was throttled and I was faced with uber-slow download rates. As a consequence it is almost impossible to check links shared by my friends. But I am a friend of performance and a small footprint. So I took this opportunity to check my site. Here is how I improved the performance of my site.

How to rebase your pull request on Github

Tags: git, github, and collaboration

Published: 07 Feb 2016

If you are opening pull requests for other projects it might happen that you are asked to reduce the amount of commits of your pull request in order to refine the history of your contribution. That usually means that you squash together existing commits and you might even change some commit messages to be more meaningful or precise. That kind of workflow is supported by git rebase.

Using wxPython with virutalenv

Tags: virtualenv, python, and installation

Published: 12 Jan 2016

Recently I tried to contribute to the Robotframework project on Github. Specifically to their project RIDE which is a IDE to write Robotframework-style tests. For the development I wanted to use a virtual environment using virtualenv. Unfortunately it is not possible to install the required version wxPython via pip or easy_install. Instead you either have to build it from source or using your own os’ package manager.